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Lawn Maintenance


Weekly lawn mowing, trimming and blowing off all walkways.

Fall / Spring Cleanup

Spring cleanup we take the time to remove all fallen branches and debris from the winter months and prep your yard for spring. Dethatching your lawn in the springtime is also a great option to help your lawn. 

Aerating your lawn in the spring time is also a great way for your lawn to retain more water and help green up that lawn. 


Fall cleanup is the removal of all leaves from your property. For the fall cleanup, we have many different options. 

One time visits usually start the second week in November and go to about mid-December. ( depending on Mother Nature) We also like to help prep you for the snow months by adding snow steaks if requested to help prevent any lawn damage.   With one time visits, it is impossible to get all leaves. Many of our customers like to schedule two visits; One mid-November and one visit late November or early December.  


Book your fall cleanup early!

Mulching and Hedge Trimming

Mulching is usually scheduled with the spring cleanup or at a later date.  We offer many different options. 

  • Hemlock 

  • Brown 

  • Black 

  • Red 

  • Wood chips 

As part of our mulching service, we also prepare your mulch beds for the product,  removing any debris and edging out all mulch beds. 


Hedge trimming and pruning are done throughout the season!

Snow Removal

Lawn Maintenance
Fall Spring Cleanup
Mulching and Hedges

Our snow removal program can satisfy the needs of both residential and commercial property owners.

  • Residential Snow Removal

  • Commercial Snow Removal

  • Ice Management

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