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Why Do I Need To Hire a Leaf Removal Service to Rake My Leaves?

Autumn is a beautiful season, and many homeowners love the way the cooler weather completely transforms their outdoor living spaces. However, autumn also brings a dreaded household task: raking leaves. When the weather changes, deciduous trees go through a unique process that can be quite beautiful and quite frustrating. Unlike coniferous trees which keep their needles or leaves throughout the harsh winter months, deciduous trees actually shed their leaves and enter a dormant state. When the tree begins to enter a state of dormancy, it stops producing chlorophyll which gives leaves their green coloring. The leaves of many deciduous trees then turn brilliant shades of yellow, orange or red. Eventually, though, the leaves of deciduous trees will fall: this leaves the branches bare and your yard blanketed in dead, crunchy leaves.

Raking these leaves can be almost impossible for many homeowners, and hiring a professional to take care of your leaf removal is often the only logical choice. Understanding why it is so important to remove leaves from your lawn and why the process is so difficult may convince you to hire a professional leaf removal service this season.

The Difficulties of Raking Leaves

Raking leaves is a process that can take several days of hard labor. Because the leaves of a tree are its only source of nutrients and energy, most trees produce hundreds, even thousands of leaves. The leaves help the tree to absorb sunlight and collect water, so the more leaves a tree has the healthier it is. Older homes with several large trees may be covered in a blanket of tens of thousands of dead leaves. These leaves must all be removed from lawns before the winter weather sets in. If you are using a traditional rake, you will be up to your elbows in dead leaves for hours. Raking leaves into piles is further complicated by the gusts of wind that are associated with the autumn season. As soon as you get a pile raked up, the wind comes in and blows it to smithereens.

Tackling Flower Beds and Gardens

Some consumers try to address the issues with a traditional rake by investing in expensive leaf blowing or leaf vacuuming equipment. Leaf blowers are machines that emit a fast paced stream of air that can be used to push leaves into piles for easier disposal. Leaf vacuums are the exact opposite. Just like a vacuum that you would use in your home to pick up debris on the carpets or floors, leaf vacuums use suction to draw leaves up through a large tube. Many leaf vacuums have shredders inside which can reduce the volume of vacuumed leaves. The only problem with these machines, however, is that they can completely destroy flower beds and gardens. Consumers that are not careful can blow a plant out of the soil: roots and all. Vacuums can suck up beneficial mulch or even entire plants along with the fallen leaves. Carefully avoiding your flower beds and garden spaces can waste valuable time and make the leaf raking process seem like an endless enterprise. This is another reason why hiring a professional is so important.

Lawn Problems Caused By Un-Raked Leaves

If you don't rake your leaves, your lawn can become saturated with moisture in the winter months. This excess moisture can cause rot or fungus growth in your lawn which can completely destroy your crop of grass. Hiring a professional to remove the leaves on your lawn will require no time or effort on your part, and it can help you to maintain a healthy lawn throughout the winter and into the spring.

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